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So let’s start with a soft opening of our blog and start with a sinful chocolate experience, although not so sinful since it is from the fasting menu of Veranda Cafe Bistro in Limassol.

Fasting chocolate cake!

Probably better than the dairy version, more aromatic, moist, chocolaty and moreish. It is essence a sheet cake but dairy and egg free. Usually the non-dairy chocolate cakes are fragrant with orange zest and they add orange juice as well instead of milk. For those who love the whole coco-java extravaganza, cool! But for us who don’t this is the real deal. they add coffee instead which only strengthens the chocolate flavour even more. If you do not mind the dairy then ask for vanilla ice cream on the side. Together with a cup of your coffee of choice, it makes for a perfect afternoon indulgence.

Till the next big eat, keep well and eat great!